Does AdWords work?

One of the beautiful advantages of advertising on Google AdWords for your furniture store is that you can tell exactly what works and what doesn't. A big part of developing that insight is knowing what to look for. Below are some of the critical terms to understand if your ads are working and why those … Continue reading Does AdWords work?

Radio Ga Ga

Don't advertise your furniture or mattress store on the radio without reading this. "Pandora claims that 7 out of 10 drivers report that they change the station when they are in the car and listening to AM/FM when commercials come on" And then there's this to consider:  When your local radio stations quote enormous numbers … Continue reading Radio Ga Ga

Loyalty is dead!

"Consumers show a surprisingly low level of loyalty to home furnishings brands, a Furniture Today survey reveals. And that seems to be surprisingly bad news for mattress producers and retailers, who are among the heaviest promoters in the home furnishings industry. The online survey gathered almost 1,400 responses, with about the same number in each … Continue reading Loyalty is dead!

Treating customers right can help your Google results

Putting a glass-half-full spin on the article below; providing great experiences for your customers can garner you 4- and 5- star reviews which elevate your site in search.

“Who ARE you?”

Hello, I'm Joe. I'm good at AdWords and retailing furniture, and I want to share that goodness with other small furniture retailers. Furniture is in my blood - along with blood. My family has been in the furniture business for three generations and I was a furniture retailer for 20 years. (I know, I look … Continue reading “Who ARE you?”