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We can get your website above the competition, at a surprisingly-low cost. We’re furniture people, like you, who have a vast experience managing successful Google Ads campaigns for our own stores and others’. Read more…
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What we do

Propel furniture store websites to the top of Google Search results.

How we do it

Using strategies perfected over 13 years of successful online advertising for our own furniture stores.

When will you see results

We promise 1-2 weeks, but sometimes as quick as a few days.

Where it’s done

All work is done in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Why you should do it

  1. Furniture shoppers go online to decide where to shop, but they buy in local stores.
  2. Customer attention is scarce – If your site isn’t on top, it’s nearly invisible.
  3. Your website is often your customers’ first impression of your store – put it in the best location possible.
  4. You wouldn’t open a store without a sign or without advertising – your website needs to be advertised too.
  5. SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t enough. Often the first organic link is more than halfway down the page – below your competitors.

Why choose us

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand branding is great, but sales matter most.

As independent furniture retailers for over 20 years, we’ve lived through the coming-of-age of online shopping. The internet is scary to lots of store owners – it was to us – but it actually leveled the playing field. Small-to-medium size stores often don’t have the budget to run million-dollar TV, raido, or newspaper campaigns. Advertising online is highly-targeted, cheap, and it works. Let us prove it. We’re on your side.

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Local furniture store advertising is hard. We get it. We’ve been there. As independent furniture retailers in Tampa, FL for 20 years, we’ve walked in your shoes. Do some of these sound familiar?

“Why do our newspaper ads not seem to generate traffic, but when we stop, we have a slow weekend?”

“Is anyone watching TV commercials? We DVR most shows, and some of us have cut-out cable altogether and become Netflix-ers, YouTube-ers, Amazon-ers and Hulu-ers.”

“And who’s listening to radio commercials? Even before Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, podcasts and audiobooks, we’d switch stations every time a commercial came on.”

“Direct mail? More like, junk mail. Is our ad even making it inside the home or is it going directly into the recycle bin?”

“Look at the people in the cars stopped at a traffic light. Is anyone noticing my billboard? They’re all too busy staring at their phones.”

“Are online furniture behemoths who don’t have to make a profit causing the death of the local furniture store?”

“Sure, I’ll place some ads in the bathroom stall of that restaurant. It’s cheap and you have the prospect’s full attention.” <eye-roll>

The only advertising that worked consistently was online; Google search specifically. So we doubled-down with surprising results – a positive return on investment, that was provable and could be duplicated.

Today’s furniture shoppers aren’t loyal to brands. Heck, they struggle to name even a few furniture brands. And they aren’t very loyal to stores either. With the changing retail landscape and infrequency of furniture and mattress purchases, it’s reasonable to assume the store they bought from last time might not be around the next time they need to buy. That’s fantastic news for the local, independent furniture and mattress store. It means you can compete against the big guys, well. Yet, so many stores aren’t utilizing AdWords. Why? It’s hard, you can waste lots of money, it takes time to learn and implement; time you just don’t have considering the rigors of running a store.

Thus, SearchWurx was born. We’re here to help; hit us up!

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Drop us a note. We’ll be glad to answer any questions.

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Welcome to the SearchWurx blog for furniture retailers wanting to dominate local Google search results, coming out ahead of much bigger competitors for much less money. We’re happy to help.

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