Google Ads campaign management for furniture retailers

$750/month No Contract*

Coming up first in Google Search 98.9% of the time when your store is within 10 miles of 12 of the top 20 furniture stores in the U.S. (according to Furniture Today) is no easy feat. But we did it, consistently, and we can help you do it too.

Google AdWords search ranking for furniture stores

SearchWurx proven results

Click-through-rates (CTR) well above the industry average of 3.9 for the Home & Garden Industry

Average position of 2 or better

Conversion rates in excess of 60% (in this example the target conversion was for the customer to get directions to the store)

Proven Google AdWords PPC search results for furniture stores

Sign up now for just $750/month with No Contract*


• Proven Campaigns created and maintained by an expert with 20 years of retail and online furniture experience
• No Contract! If we don’t perform, we’re fired!*
• Top of first page results in 1-2 weeks – and often 1-2 days
• Exclusivity – Only one client permitted per Market Area
• We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement so you know all your trade secrets are safe
• 200+ curated, relevant Keywords, proven to drive traffic to furniture store websites
• Short-tail and long-tail keywords
• 90 specific Ads spread over 50+ highly targeted Ad Groups
• Finite Geo-targeting to attract only customers who are likely to buy
• Extensive list of Negative Keywords preventing costly irrelevant clicks
• Website evaluation and suggestions to improve FREE search engine optimization (SEO)
• Ad Extensions linking direct to the exact content customers are looking for
• Optional Geo-fencing of competitors to capture unfulfilled customers leaving other stores
• Bi-weekly monitoring and adjustments to improve campaign performance
• Actual screenshots of campaign performance rather than in-house generated reports
• Google My Business page set-up tips
• Social media advice and guidance
• Transparency in fees and advertising spend
• Flat fee of $750/month regardless of advertising spend
• Low suggested budget for advertising spend of $250/week to start in most areas
• Advertising spend increases advised only after results are proven and weekly budgets are routinely depleted causing eligible ads not to appear in search results
• Price includes campaign management for one or more stores in the same city with unique directional ads to your main store only (i.e. “One mile North of Main St on 5th Ave”)
• If unique directional ads for each store are requested, a one-time setup investment for each additional store beyond the first is $499/store (recommended)

  • Search for Google Ads or AdWords campaign management for local furniture stores and you’ll find myriad providers each with their own pricing structure, but none with as many keywords, as high a click-through-rate at as low a price as SearchWurx. How does our price stack-up? We did some of the legwork for you. Below are the pricing structures of a few other companies.

*Services can be cancelled anytime with 60 days’ notice. Price does not include Google Ads clicks; we suggest you budget $250-$1,000/week for clicks based on the competitive landscape of your Market Area (to be determined at your initial consultation).