CFO logoWe know our best customers are tough to reach, but thanks to Joe Walter and Search Wurx, we finally have a successful plan to reach them and to keep reaching them.  Trying to manage Google AdWords by ourselves or with other companies has never been as comprehensive and focused as it is now.  Joe took the time to listen to what we wanted, what we needed and crafted a strategy that is working.  Thank you Joe and Search Wurx.


ScentFill LogoMark Callison is the Founder of Scent Fill, the only manufacturer of high quality, universal fit, captivating aromatic scented oil plugins in the US. Mark has well over a decade of experience selling all types of products online, from travel accessories, to scissors, to custom label-printer refills, and even “I Voted” stickers. He called SearchWurx to ask about an AdWords setting that was giving him some trouble. After adjusting the problematic setting, we looked at the rest of his AdWords account for areas that could be improved. That examination resulted in a two-hour meeting which will save Scent Fill at least $500/month for eternity, not to mention the additional customers he’s likely to find with the reallocation of that budget and other optimizations SearchWurx suggested.