“Who ARE you?”

Hello, I’m Joe. I’m kinda good at AdWords and I want to share that goodness with the small furniture retailers. Furniture is in my blood – along with blood. My family has been in the furniture business for three generations and I was a furniture retailer for 20 years. (I know, I look too young to have been doing anything for 20 years; now you’re making me blush.) So, I get it. I’ve lived through the gradual decline of the independent furniture retailer and the rise of the online behemoths and brick-and-mortar powerhouses. But, I’ve also seen the web as the great equalizer in a sense. The small guy can compete with the 800 pound gorilla online. Who want’s to try and outspend Wayfair on TV? You’ll go broke. But Google has made it easy for the little guy to outrank the big guy locally without breaking the bank. That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog. I’ll post on topics and answer questions. I’m an open book (actually, I’m a human, not a book) ask me anything.

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