Do take it personally – SEO that is

As featured in Furniture Today – I once had a fella tell me, “but enough about me – what do you think – of me.”

“Me” is gaining importance when it comes to matching people with their online search queries according to Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP Marketing of Marketing for the Americas. Shoppers are increasingly looking for results that are tailored to their unique wants and needs.

Gevelber noted: “[P]eople are specifically including qualifiers like “me” and “I” in their searches. Over the past two years, mobile searches with the qualifier “for me” have grown over 60%. For example, consumers aren’t just searching for “best car insurance” anymore, they’re searching for “best car insurance for me.” Or, “which dog is right for me.” Picking a dog might strike you as something a little emotionally advanced for search, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. People are also wondering what they should and shouldn’t do. Mobile searches with the qualifier “should I” have grown over 65% in the past two years.”

Consider how you can use this discovery to better market your furniture or mattress store. Including tips for shoppers and answering their questions in advance on your website would be two strategies for gaining attention when shoppers are searching. For someone who searches for “what’s the best mattress for me”, as vague as that is, attempt to provide a relevant answer on your website. Answering “should I replace my mattress” will also help position your website in the right place at the right time. By searching for answers, those shoppers are showing purchasing intent; they’re going to buy a new mattress somewhere soon.

Think of the questions shoppers ask when they’re inside your store and use those as inspiration for which questions to answer on your website. Answer more specific questions like “what’s the best recliner for relieving back pain” or “what’s the best mattress for side-sleepers.” Predicting shoppers’ questions and providing thoughtful answers establishes you as the expert – as well as improving your SEO (search engine optimization). Also answer precise questions like “what’s the best mattress for sciatica.” If this is outside your area of expertise, consider partnering with a local expert to answer, and then list them as a source on your website. They’ll likely appreciate the link as a potential source of referrals for them, and they may become a source of referrals for you.

Gevelber also says, “[T]hese searches for “me” and “I” are signals that people expect personally relevant content. Marketers who understand search intent and look for patterns in how people qualify their needs have a big opportunity.” Seize the opportunity to add personalized value with answers to “for me” and “should I” questions on your website and shoppers will reward you.

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